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Title: Drunk
Pairings: Skydragon (CL/G-Dragon)
Rating: R
Warnings: n/a ^^
Genre: romance
A/N: Coz I've been watching too much 2NE1TV and I love GD ♥
Summary: Chaerin and Jiyong spend some time together.

“Chaerin-ah,” Jiyong calls as he waltzes into the recording room, where Chaerin sits alone.

She dabs her eyes quickly, wiping the tears away.

Jiyong stops in front of her and bends down so they’re at the same height.

“Chaerin-ah,” he says softly, lifting her head to look at him with two fingers. She looks away, unwilling to look him in the eye.

“Bommie told me you were down here… what happened?” Jiyong asks.

Chaerin closes her eyes and breathes in deeply.

“Oppa… is it okay if I don’t tell you? I just… make me forget for a while?”

She opens her eyes again and Jiyong nods softly. “Yeah. Let’s go?”

Chaerin runs a hand through her hair, “go where?”



“Where the hell are we?” Chaerin laughs as Jiyong drags her down the stairs to a dimly lit bar. The bartender nods at Jiyong, who nods back and holds up two fingers. He then leads Chaerin to a little table around the corner, out of view of anyone else who was in the bar.

“I’m a regular,” Jiyong winks.

Chaerin rolls her eyes, “I’m sure you are, oppa.”

A few seconds later a young waiter brings them two drinks, winking at Chaerin. Jiyong sees and growls lowly. The waiter looks at Jiyong before leaving quickly.

“Little shit…” Jiyong mutters.

“It’s okay, oppa. I can take care of myself,” Chaerin grins, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“I know you can…” Jiyong says before smiling back, “So! This is a --”

“Pearl Jam, I know.”

“Naughty girl,” Jiyong grins.

“Oh, yeah.”


1 Pearl Jam, 10 shots, 2 vodkas and 1 Jack Daniels later, Jiyong is practically dragging Chaerin into a taxi. Once inside, he gives the taxi driver his apartment address, because there is no fucking way Chaerin is going back to the dorm, or to her mother’s house in this state.

He sighs and relaxes into the seat before he tenses again two seconds later when Chaerin slumps onto him, hand wrapped around his arm and head pillowed on his shoulder.

Risking a glance down at her, he smiles when he sees she’s fast asleep.


When they arrive at his apartment, he pays the taxi driver and then leads Chaerin inside. He sits her down on the sofa while he goes to his bedroom to grab some pyjamas for her.

He walks back into the living room and then suddenly stops and drops the pyjamas when he sees Chaerin.

She’s lying down on the sofa - wide-awake – topless and wriggling around. Jiyong forgets how to breathe when he realises she’s wriggling about because her hand is down her jeans.

“Fuck,” he swears loudly.

Chaerin sits up, looking at him with hooded eyes.

“Oppa,” she whines, “I’m lonely. Don’t you wanna help me?”

Jiyong closes his eyes for a few seconds to regain his bearings, and then he walks over to her and pulls her hand out of her jeans.

“It’s not a question of do I want to, because fuck, you know I do. It’s more a question of: will you regret this in the morning? And you will, believe me. So no, I’m not gonna help you, ‘kay?” he says fiercely.

Chaerin stares up at him.

“Such a good oppa,” she coos before falling back against the sofa and falling asleep.

Deciding it’s much too risky to wake her, Jiyong puts the pyjamas on the table next to the sofa and then leaves, turning the lights off.

“Sleep well, Chaerin-ah.”

Tags: member: cl, pairing with: big bang, rating: r

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