Suzy (darkangel402) wrote in 2ne1_fiction,

Choice. Love. Tears.

Title: Choice. Love. Tears.
Author: darkangel402
Beta: oldwillow_brook
Pairing: Joon/CL
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lee Joon is the leader of a gang called MBLAQ. And me, well, I’m Lee Chaerin, the unfortunate girl that happened to stumble upon their path and witness a few unfortunate things. That’s when it was either join or die. I value my life too much and became the only girl ever to join their gang. Don’t I feel lucky?
Author's Note: it's been so long that I've last updated. I'm sorry for that. I'm working on finishing this fic because I can't let it die the way that it is. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for reading!

Chapter 11
Tags: author: darkangel402, length: multi-chaptered, member: cl, pairing with: mblaq, rating: pg-13

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