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Love and Hate [NC-17]

Title: Love and Hate
Author: theonlydoda
Pairings: Seungri/CL || CL/GD

FYI: Title for the chapter is also the POV.

Episode 1, Rated-15
Lee Chaerin | Possessive

Why did I love this practically ignorant, annoying, attention-seeker and over-confident guy was because he know how to move girl’s heart. How unlucky my boyfriend was, he fall for me. A cold girl that hates cheesy stuff, In order to impress me, he followed me everywhere I went, and it’s annoying! I tried my best to escape from him but I failed. It was an unbelievable act. He even tailed me into the ladies just to prove that he loves me.

“Seungri, I am going off.”
“Like a million times I said, it’s OPPA!”
“I told you I am not going to call you oppa. Heard that?”
“No, I cannot hear you! I am going to cover my ears and ignore.”
“Ish! Whatever Seungri, I am going now!”

What an irritating boyfriend. Urghh! Next time, I shall ignore him and walk away. How I wished he could just disappear and stop being my boyfriend, even for a day.

I flipped my hair behind and walked towards the door. For now, I think he should be ignored because I would have gone mad and screamed at him.

Unfortunately, he would not stop. He knew I am going to be so mad at him but to cool me down, it’s easy. Suddenly, I felt a strong gripped on my hand and pull me backward. I tried shoving the grip but I failed because the force was too strong. A hand slipped on my waist; pull me closer and another hand cupping my face. Our faces were just an inch away.

“Do you think you could just walk away like that Chaerin?”

Seungri whispered in my left ear. It was a tingling a feeling but I have to admit, I liked it this way. Even though I am a cold and heartless girl, this unusual and unexpected act could move my heart. Well, a little though because I was shy. His face got closer to mine and I could feel his sharp nose touching mine. Suddenly, I forgot I was mad at him.

We were so close that I am scared that he could feel my heartbeat. Slowly, our lips touched. Oh god, his lips were so soft. I swear even though his upper lips were not that luscious, the way he placed his lips on mine, it’s just so perfect. With that, I leaned forward without realizing it. I guess I did not hate him after all. It’s just a love-hate relationship. Our kiss got deeper and I totally forgot that I was late. Without hesitating, I put my arms over him. It was intense. He moaned, I moaned. He pinned me to the wall and his hands roamed over my body. I was stiffed for a while.

“I told you. You can’t get away from me, girl.”
“Oh yeah, let see, who is leading.”

I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him. I sucked his tongue and he moaned. It was delicious I could say. With my palms placing at his not well-built buffed and warm chest and his hands still exploring my body, I could almost forgot that Jiyong was waiting for me in the van. I soon came to my senses when Seungri already unhook my bra.

“Oppa, stop! I forgot that I was late.”

He freed his hands from me and both of us realized that we were half naked, except that I was holding my bra on to my chest, not exposing underneath it.

“Well, now I can sleep tonight without worrying about our relationship. Firstly, you called me oppa and secondly, you kissed me passionately. You still love me.”

“What? I did not call you oppa.”

Even though we had a hot kiss; we still fought. As expected because none of us wanted to lose.

“Anyway, Jiyong oppa is waiting for me in the van and I am 20 minutes late. What excuse must I tell him?”

“Well, tell him that you were busy making out with me?

“Seungri, that is not helping.”

He chuckled. He knew Jiyong had a little crush on me and he was trying to make his hyung jealous. Well, annoying as always.

I had put on my shirt and everything looked descent except I did not realize my hair was in a mess.

“I’m off!”

I kissed him on his cheek and get out from my apartment.

“Call me when you arrived!”

Yeah right. As if I would do that Seungri. Being possessive? Not my style boy. I pressed the lift button so hard. Why is it so slow? I am late and the lift is making trouble?


The door lift opened and what a surprised, Jiyong was inside.

“Oh,Chae, why were you late? I called your phone but you didn’t pick up and I was so worried. What had happened?”

What had happened? Now what should I tell him? Busy making out with your band mates and did not realize my phone was ringing? Nice.

“A... A... Well, I had a stomach ache. Sorry about that oppa.”

“Well, it’s alright. I think we should go. Teddy hyung is waiting.”

Jiyong put his arm around me and we walked into the lift. The door was almost closed but then, a hand protruding out towards us, preventing the door to fully close. When the door automatically opened, Seungri appeared in front of us.

“Babe, you forgot your hair band.”

Oh my god. What was Seungri trying to do? No way. Jiyong obviously going to ask what was Seungri doing here. Moreover, he was on level 5. Oh shit,

“Yah, Seungri, what are you doing here? At level 5? Our room is at level 10 if you forgot.”

Jiyong was clueless and he knew something was not right. Seungri looked at me and gave me the smile. Oh how much I hate that smile from him. Now, the boys were staring at each other. Imminent stare.

“Oh well hyung, We had something going on just now. Sorry if I made Chaerin late.”

He walked away and left Jiyong dumbfounded.

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